Tuesday, December 6, 2022

AMUMT endorses youth bodies demand to repair IMDH road

All Ward Union Mokokchung Town (AWUMT) has endorsed the demand of four ward youth associations-Artang, Penli, Lijabalijen and Majakong for immediate repair of the road leading to Dr. Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH).
In a press statement, AWUMT president, Limanungsang and general secretary, Jongpongtemjen stated that the government has sanctioned for the maintenance of the road as requested by the youth associations and the work was supposed to start during dry season.
However, AWUMT said that even after the monsoon, the government/department was delaying the repair work. It therefore, urged the responsible department/ government to immediately release the sanctioned amount and start the road repair work.
AWUMT further warned that general public will not remain silent but will take appropriate action in due course of time on the failure of the government to fulfill the basic and immediate need of the people.

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