Monday, December 5, 2022

An appeal for Naga National Prayer Day

Greetings, in the precious name of our Lord!
By the grace of God, the National Assembly on May 31, 2022 has thoughtfully and prayerfully resolved to designate every third Sunday in October as Naga National Prayer Day.
This is God’s marvelous work being done among the Nagas and a visible demonstration of His constant and unceasing leading through the ages. This is one of a signs of God’s irrevocable covenant with the Naga People that He will not leave us alone and abandon us into the hands of ruthless and mindless enemies. This is also a fresh renewal of His loving promise that He will lead us through to the end.
Taking into consideration of this truth, we earnestly appeal to all the citizens to consecrate and take up prayer for the nation. Leaders of all faiths and beliefs (religions) are also ardently pleaded to set apart a brief moment during your usual congregational Worship Service of the day and solemnly lead the following prayer points given below.
We hope all will gladly extend cooperation to our appeal knowing that prayer, basing on the promises of God, is the most acceptable and desirable worship of God in Christ. Therefore, alongside with our own other priorities, let us also give our hearts to this unique resolution of the nation.
Main focus of prayer in this year’s National Prayer Day:

  1. Acknowledge God who he is for the Naga and sanctify His name among the people
  2. Seek God’s forgiveness of the sins of our fore-fathers and our present generation
  3. Seek God’s guidance and blessing for our leaders
  4. Seek God’s blessing for every Naga citizen, village, town and city (each one may pray for own village/town/city)
  5. Seek God’s preservation of every inch of Naga territory till to the end time
  6. Confession of our faith in the Saviour, our commitment to the cause and our pledge to Naga flag and constitution, the embodiment of our national identity and sovereign power.
    Rev. Seksim Kasar
    General Secretary, CNC
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