Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ao Senden revokes CAASM expulsion

After the public of Changki village resolved to set aside all differences and misunderstanding including that with the Ao Senden in May 26 this year, the Ao Senden on July 29 revoked the 30-year expulsion/ex-communication order on Changki Ayim Asem Senso Mungdang (CAASM) from the Ao community.
A joint statement by CAASM president Aostungba, Changki in-laws core committee secretary Dr Rev Temjen Ozukum; Ao Senden president Chubawati Longchar and general secretary Imtipokyim said CAASM, citing the May 25 agreement of Changki village, wrote to Ao Senden to accept them as part of the Ao community. The Senden Friday called for a meeting of all stakeholders and revoked its order and absolved CAASM. It, however, said any violation of Ao customs and practises in the future would not be accepted and tolerated.


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