Friday, December 2, 2022

Appeal to fellow citizen of Nagaland for Christ

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
Just days after ABAM SQC Celebration of 150 year of Christianity in Nagaland, Peren district witness again another undesired incident of burning down houses of neighbours and firing of weapons. As such, to prevent escalation of the situation, I on my own behalf, and Committee Member on Pioneer Christian Monument, Zeliang Kuki Area, Nagaland; extend our appeal to both disputing villagers and to all concerned Brethren.
Truly, in Christian dominated land, evil had always created divisions amongst God’s people by creating problems, hatred & crimes, causing immense suffering, undermining prospects for peace and development, and leaving scars within tribes and societies that takes decades to heal. Crimes do not usually happen suddenly or spontaneously. The processes leading to them take time to unfold. Seriously, the time is coming again, so let us consider these unchristian acts as a warning sign.
Now, our primary responsibility should be to prevent incitement and protect our fellow Christian brethren from worsening the situation by simply stopping hate speech and violence. Besides present Govt.’s quick reaction to normalise the high tensions, different Denominational church leaders too have an important role to play in controlling and influencing the behaviour of those who share their beliefs.
ABAM 150 years SQC Celebration of Christianity recently is a significant sign and that every believer can prevent incitement to violence and contribute to peaceful co-existency and stability. Recognizing human beings as fundamentally equal. This principle and doctrine of Christ our Lord, summons us all to show respect and love towards all human beings, even to those with whom we might profoundly disagree or whose culture or reactions do not mirror ours.
Therefore, with prayer we do hereby appeal to all fellow Christian brethren, of Kiyevi and Lamhainamdi villagers in particular, to please refrain from further indulgence of violence in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us work together to prevent all violations of human rights and give peace & laws of the land a chance. This will help us save lives, reduce suffering, realise our shared vision of a peaceful, inclusive and loving society, in which diversity is valued and the rights of all individuals are protected and guided in Christ. God bless Nagaland for Christ.
Rev. Obedya Haokip (Convenor, Pioneer Christian Monuments Zeliang-Kuki Area, Nagaland)

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