Tuesday, February 7, 2023

AR committed towards peace, development of NE: Patton

Deputy Chief Minister of Nagaland, Y Patton said Assam Rifles, popularly known as “The Sentinels of the Northeast”, has committed itself towards peace and development of the Northeast. He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the of the Assam Rifles Sentinels Cup 2022 at ARTC&S, 3rd Mile Dimapur on November 30. Altogether, 10 teams from across the Northeast region are participating in the 11 days football event for the coveted trophy.
He remarked that Assam Rifles has carried out numerous activities promoting “Azadi ka Amrit mahotsay” and “Fit India Movement’ in the past. “These have brought more cohesiveness to the region and also play a pivotal role towards Nation building, thereby making it a force that binds Northeast”, he added.
He said that Assam Rifles has been conducting various sports events for the locals, especially the youth and the Sentinels Football Cup is one such event which started since 2014 and he was made to understand that the first edition of Sentinels Cup was also conducted in Dimapur.
“Sports, particularly a team sports, engender purposeful and meaningful social relation. This social relation and social interaction with your friends and workmates provide you a highly desirable security, belongingness that originates from sports is a cherished trophy for all”, Patton stated.
He encouraged the players that winning a medal or not doesn’t matter but added that they are all winners. He said that in the long run, their active and continued participation in sports and athletics would pay them in terms of fitness, wellbeing and happiness in life. “To build greater confidence, self-esteem and obtain a healthy body, one should participate in sports”, he concluded.
Day two of the Assam Rifles Sentinels of the North East Football tournament continued with Pool A matches being played at Sukhovi and Pool B matches at 3rd Mile, Dimapur.
Pool A (Match 1) team from Manipur thrashed Nagaland 15-1. The team’s victory is the largest margin in the tournament so far.
Pool B (Match 2) Assam Rifles took on Meghalaya in a sensational match in the second match of Pool A. Showing brilliance on the ground and continuing their winning streak, the Assam Rifles team overshadowed the team from Meghalaya 8-1.
Pool A (Match 2) Assam faced off against Arunachal Pradesh in a seemingly equal challenge till the game turned nasty. The players from Assam staged a walk out after two players of the team received Red Cards of disorderly conduct. The win was awarded to Arunachal team after the walkout.
Pool B (Match 3) The third match of Pool B, kicked off with Tripura facing 165 Territorial Army team. There are two teams from the Indian army in the tournament. The Territorial Army team showed their prowess, skill and amazing team work to tame the ‘Tripura Tigers’ 7-1.

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