Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ARSU asks USSC, ENSF to act fast on rationalisation

Amahator Range Students’ Union (ARSU) has urge upon USSC & ENSF to act fast on teachers’ rationalisation issue and shortage of teacher under various government schools without further delay.
In a press release, ARSU president Selikyu T Sangtam and general secretary Lithrongba Jingru stated the union felt dejected with the apex student organisations as many government schools were paralysed due to shortage of teachers. The union reminded the apex student organisations that their “primary objective must be in education sector rather than other issues” since many government schools under its jurisdictions were “functioning without proper deployment of teachers especially under ARSU in particular”. ARSU stated that it would not be a mere spectator “if the apex student organisations did not take action on the said issues.”
It also warned that it would take further steps “against apex student organisation if it fails to do its duty and deal the said issue seriously.” Further, the union hoped that as apex organisations of students, they would not compromise the issue in any manner and stand firm for their people.


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