Thursday, June 1, 2023

Article 371(A) should be implemented fully: Kitovi

Staff Reporter

Working Committee (WC), Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) convenor N. Kitovi Zhimomi has appealed to the Centre to fully implement Article 371(A) so that the state could fully utilize its powers and functions under the said Article.
Speaking at the official induction programme of S Kiviho Zhimomi as president of UNPG-NNC here on Saturday, Kitovi said that even though Art 371(A) has special provision, it has not been fully utilized and kept in cold storage.
While accepting the fact that government of India would never give Independence to Nagas, Kitovi asserted that the Centre should fully implement Article 371 (A) and allow Nagas to behave as a true son of the Indian soil and stop with the step motherly treatment.
“Nagas should be given the chance to partake important role in Indian parliament, economy etc.,” he stated. This would be possible only if solution was arrived at.
Kitovi said that Nagaland should be given minimum three Members of Parliament seats in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and also 20 more seats added to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
The NNPGs convenor further said that the state should have bicameral legislatures—Nagaland Legislative Assembly and Nagaland Federal Hoho.
As proposed in the ‘Agreed Position’ signed between the Centre and the NNPGs, Kitovi said that the Federal Hoho will have members, be selected from each tribe, who are well versed with the customary law and procedures.
On the formation of WC, NNPGs, Kitovi said that the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) and Nagaland GB Federation played a key role in bringing about unity and peace amongst different faction, which led to the formation of NNPGs in 2016 December and subsequently hold talks with the Centre.
Speaking briefly on exploration of oil and gas, Kitovi questioned why resources from Naga soil had to be shared with Assam or any other state.
He, therefore, asked Government of India to give Nagas the legislative powers and let Naga people alone decide their future on how to utilize its natural resources.
With regard to the disputed border area, he urged the Centre to take over the issue and physically conduct “microscopic inquiry”.


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