Tuesday, December 6, 2022

ASA felicitates NE Olympic medallists


Angami Sports Association (ASA) felicitated the medallists of the recently concluded 2nd North East Olympic Games 2022 held in Meghalaya during a programme at Talimeren Hall, NOA Complex, here on Wednesday.
In a brief remark, ASA president, Lhoubeizo Kesiyie, credited the success of its members to God, saying it was a huge blessing for the community. He said for the past 49 years, the community members had not been able to capitalise on the God given talents and failed to make any remarkable achievements in games and sports. He however said, earlier this year, the association had celebrated its golden jubilee and through this milestone, God had blessed the people similarly the athletes have also performed well.
Kesiyie said 33 members winning medals in different categories and disciplines was a strong sign of God’s providence and grace on the people.
Pointing out issues that affect athletes, Kesiyie said, often members fail to support each other while playing locally and strive to better the other but when they go out to play elsewhere, they fail to keep up their consistency.
He exhorted the players to not trust only in their capabilities but give their best and leave the rest to God. Citing examples of lack in dedication among Naga athletes, Kesiyie pointed out that although the State performed very well in the junior level Subroto Cup, the senior team does not even make a dent in the Santosh Trophy.
He said this was an indication that players were inconsistent and lacks discipline as the same junior team members should grow up and replicate their earlier performance even in the senior level.
Urging the medal winners to keep on performing like they had done, Kesiyie said this was just the beginning and that they should keep their aim high and continue to reach the next level.
He thanked all of them for bringing laurel and glory to the state and community and wished them further success.
A total of 8 gold, 11 silver and 18 bronze were raked up by medallists.
Best Athlete in above 20 men category during the Olympics, Neiketoulie Belho, with 3 gold medal was the highest achiever among the those felicitated.

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