Sunday, November 27, 2022

Assam CM reminds Rahul Gandhi of biscuit feeding incident

The Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma again reminded Congress leader Rahul Gandhi about the biscuit feeding incident when he ignored Sarma while feeding dogs and then offer him the same biscuits, reports The Sentinel Assam.
The reaction from CM Sarma came after Rahul Gandhi made accusations against Union Home Minister Amit Shah of political indecency during his speech in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. The congress leader in the parliament further slammed the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as a king. He also blamed the Prime Minister for running an autocracy in the parliament.
In a recent tweet by the Assam chief minister, he hits back at Rahul Gandhi for such allegations the PM and Home minister by stating that those people who choose to feed biscuits to dogs by ignoring a leader from Assam and offering him the same biscuit should be the last one to speak about political decency. In his tweet, CM added that the high command mindset in the Indian National Congress is be-all and end-all, the Indian citizens know it all very well.
During the early hours on Wednesday 2 February, Rahul Gandhi in his parliament speech said that there are 2 visions of which one vision is that it is a union of states, a partnership and not a kingdom. He said that the PM can never rule over the people of the country as it was not possibly done in three thousand years.
Gandhi further stated that the Indian National Congress had removed the idea of ‘king’ but at present, it has again returned in India with the BJP government.
Earlier Sarma had reminded Rahul Gandhi about the same biscuit feeding incident and mocked him by mentioning that he was grateful to the Congress leader who ignored him by throwing him out of the Congress party. The insult by Gandhi had eventually led Sarma to leave the Congress party and then he successfully became the Chief Minister of the state Assam.

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