Friday, March 24, 2023

Assembly election: Orders issued; poll personnel deployed for ensuing polls

In a view of the upcoming 14th Nagaland Legislative assembly various DCs and DEOs have issued a number of information while training of the poll personnel was also held in Phek. According to DIPR reports, poll personnel for the various polling stations were deployed on February 25.
Mokokchung: Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung, Shashank Pratap Singh IAS has notified all concerned that various law and order related incidents have been reported regarding the General Election from 28-Koridang A/C. Despite the issuance of the order, only a few Arms have been verified and deposited from the constituency. In this regard, DC has ordered all the License Arm holders in the villages of 28- Koridang A/C to deposit their arms and ammunition at the nearest Police station with immediate effect. It is also been directed that extensive search and seizure for both Licensed and Unlicensed Arms and Ammunition will be carried out and arrest of the individuals involved will be made in all the villages of 28-Koridang A/C. Mokokchung district has 37 PS, 11 PS under 21-Tuli A/C, 5 PS under 29-Jangpetkong A/C, 21 PS under 30-Alongtaki A/C.
Phek: The third phase of training for Polling officials posted under 16th Pfutsero, 17th Chizami, and 18th Chozuba ACs which was conducted in two shifts, morning and afternoon at GHSS Phek on February 24 concluded successfully.
The polling personnel casted their postal ballot votes after the training sessions at the GHSS building Phek.
Dispatch of Polling materials began in the early hours at Phek on February 25, where twenty-five polling personnel teams posted in the interior places under the 20th Meluri Assembly Constituency of Phek have been released from the Office of District Election Office Phek for polling on February 27. Phek district has 25 PS under 20-meluri A/C
Kiphire: Polling personnel from Kiphire District were deployed to 20 polling stations on February 25.
Deputy Commissioner & DEO Kiphire, T Wati Aier encouraged all the personnel to be very careful and sincere and reminded them that, unlike the previous elections, Electors will not be allowed to use the voter slip for identification.
General Observer Dr. Sridhar Babu Addanki, IAS also lauded the team for enthusiastically preparing for the Poll. He reiterated that on the polling day if any doubt or problems arise they should consult the Sector Magistrate and right after the voting process is over they should not be in a hurry and all the required formats must be completed before moving out. He also appealed to them to follow the ECI norms to have a peaceful and successful Election. Kiphire district- 20 PS, 3 PS under 59-Seyochung Sitimi A/C and 17 PS under 60-Pungro- Kiphire A/C.
Peren: Polling personnel for 6-Tening A/C were dispatched to their respective polling stations along with EVMs and other poll-related materials from the Office of ADC Peren on February 25.
Earlier, a strong room which is under tight security was unsealed and unlocked in the presence of District Administration, representatives of various political parties, and security personnel. Peren district has 22 polling stations under 6-tening A/C
Shamator: A coordination meeting with the RO, Sector Officer, and Sector Commander of 58 Shamator-Chessore A/C to discuss matters about the election process on the poll day was held at DC’s Conference Hall on February 24. Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer Shamator, Thsuvisie Phoji appealed to them to be sincere and effective in their roles and responsibilities to conduct a free and fair election.
Longleng: Deputy Commissioner and DEO, Longleng, Dharam Raj, IAS in the exercise of the powers under RPA, 1951 and all other powers enabling it in this behalf, has directed that no political party or candidate or any other organization or any person on their behalf who is contesting/representing any assembly constituency in the Longleng district shall publish any advertisement in the print media on February 26 and 27, in connection with the General Election to Nagaland Assembly, 2023, unless the contents of the Advertisement proposed to be from Media published are Pre-certified by political parties, candidates, etc. from Media Certification & Monitoring Committee (MCMC) at the district level.
Person(s) violating this order would be liable for legal action under various RPA, 1951, and IPC sections.
DC & DEO Longleng has also notified all concerned that as per Section 126 of the Representation of People Act 1961, the campaigning period for General Election to the 14 Nagaland legislative Assembly shall come to an end with effect from 4:00 P.M, February 25 and that there is a prohibition of public meeting during 48 hours ending with hour fixed for conclusion of poll.
Tseminyu: DC & District Magistrate Tseminyu, Dr. Zasekuolie Chusi IAS has notified for the general information of all concerned that as per section 126 of the Representation of the People Act 1951 that the campaigning period for the general election to the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023 shall come to an end w.e.f 4:00 pm on February 25and that there is a prohibition of public meetings during forty-eight (48) hours ending with hour fixed for conclusion of poll. In consultation with the district Executive Force that urgent preventive measures are necessitated for compliance with the above and peaceful conduct of the election to the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023 from 12 AC, Tseminyu.
Zunheboto: The first batch of polling officials for General Elections to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023 were dispatched on February 25 at Zunheboto, polling officials of three polling stations of Satakha 36 AC Thakiye, Tsutoho, and Khuvuxu were dispatched. The 3 polling stations are the remotest among the polling stations in Zunheboto and they were dispatched two days ahead for polling duty. Zunheboto district has 3 PS under 36-satakha A/C.
Wokha district- 62 PS under 40-Bhandari A/C, Mon district- 91 PS; 8 PS under 41 Tizit A/C, 7 PS under 42 – Wakching A/C, 2 PS under 43-Tapi A/C, 4 PS under 44- Phomching A/C , 10 PS under 45-Tehok A/C , 26 PS under 48-Moka A/C, 34 PS under 55-Tobu A/C, Noklak district- 8 PS under 57-Thonokyu A/C.

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