Saturday, March 25, 2023

Association of Nagaland Literature Boards lauds state govt for approving mother tongue

Association of Nagaland Literature Boards (ANLB) has lauded the state government and the department of school education for the permission to study Mother Tongue of 14 tribe languages of the state from Class IX-X in high schools as requested by the association.
In a press release, ANLB secretary information and publicity Leinkhohao Chongloi exuded confidence that the state government’s “noble acts” would “definitely” yield the desired impetus of learning the Mother Tongue, which would strengthen the process and effort to refine and further develop Mother Tongue.

The association also expressed belief that imparting Mother Tongue as alternative language option based on three language formula would boost the status of Mother Tongue among the younger generations, which have been challenged by English and other common language.
“It is a blessing that Mother Tongue will regain its rightful place among the young generations,” ANLB stated.


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