Friday, December 2, 2022

ATMA blocks carry out various activities

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conducted various activities like demonstrations, training, exposure etc. for the farmers across the state.
Wokha: ATMA Wokha on May 11 organised a within state farmers training and exposure visit to cucumber festival at Aliba Village, Mokokchung. The block said the main objective of the visit was to create awareness, interest and motivation among the farmers and to extract the Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) for the off season grown cucumber.
Tuensang: With the objective to motivate and make the farmers aware about the feasible agriculture technologies practicing in the neighbouring district, ATMA Tuensang organised two-day within state farmers exposure tour to Mokokchung district from May 11-12. During the tour, the farmers visited Shiitake Mushroom Unit at Mopungchuket village and attended the Cucumber Festival 2022 at Aliba village.
Pungro: ATMA Kiphire Pungro block conducted demonstration programme on May 10-11 at Old Vongti and Jenty villages respectively. The block stated that resource persons, BTT convener, Yamuki and ATM, Asa Tep trained farmers on management of fall army worm in maize and cultivation technology in banana and soyabean. A piggery farm school was also inaugurated at Jenty Village with Kiusushe, a progressive farmer, as the farm teacher.
Jalukie: ATMA Jalukie block on May 4-7 conducted demonstration on preparation of plant by air layering method, oyster mushroom cultivation, mobilization of farmer groups and inauguration of papaya farm school.
Peren: ATMA Peren block on May 4-7 conducted demonstration on preparation of Bordeaux and preparation of neem leaf extract, mobilization of farmer groups and inauguration of piggery farm school.
Ahthibung: ATMA Ahthibung Block on May 4-7 conducted demonstration on banana sucker selection to pit management and air layering in citrus. The block also carried out mobilization of farmer groups and inauguration of pineapple farm school.
Tenning: ATMA Tenning block on May 11-12 conducted demonstration on preparation of jeeramrutham and on vaccination of poultry chicks.
Chukitong: ATMA Wokha Chukitong block conducted training programmes on May 11-12 at Seluku and Koio villages respectively. The block stated that activities such as demonstration on different topics, mobilization of farmers and initiation of farm school were carried out. Demonstration on “application of bio-fertilizer” and “management of fall armyworm” was conducted by resource person ATM, Zachamo Humtsoe and ATM, Nzani Kikon respectively.
Tobu: Department of agriculture Tobu inaugurated a farmer’s field school and distributed Integrated pest management (IPM) kit on May 13 at Tobu village. The department also organised a training with agriculture inspector, Imosanen as the resource person.
Longkhim: ATMA Longkhim block under Tuensang district conducted demonstration on “preparation of charcoal beehive briquette” and distributed beehive briquette moulds. The block also conducted hands-on demonstration i.e., planting techniques for tea farming and preparation of neem oil for Fall Army Worm (FAW) management on May 3-4.
Tsaru: ATMA Tsaru Block, Tuensang district conducted demonstrations and inauguration of coffee farm school on May 13 at Tsaru Village. A progressive farmer, Nungshi Sangtam was appointed as the farm teacher.
The block stated that BTM, Dr. T. Arenmongla highlighted the concept of farm school and demonstrations on “package of practices of coffee”, “management of fall army worm”, “package of practices of ginger” were presented by ATM Khatemenla, ATM Tiyongnaro and Dr. Arenmongla respectively.
During the programme, two new farmer’s group was mobilized with the nomenclature “Lumtrum” from Tsaru New Town and “Tsazi” from Tsaru Village.
Meluri: To augment the economy of rural farmers and broaden the technical knowledge on smart farming, ATMA Phek, Meluri block carried out various demonstrations on May 10-11 at Reguri village with farmers from Reguri and neighboring villages.
The block stated that demonstration on “cultivation practices of legumes”, “measures to control FAW” and “seed treatment with biofertilizers” were carried out with ATM, Meluri block, Neilhui Lasuh and Visapa as resource persons. The block also conducted capacity building of Farmers Interest Group (FIG) and Farmers Security Group (FSG). The block also inaugurated a farm school at Reguri village and appointed Sachu Pfithu as the farm teacher.

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