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ATMA blocks conduct demonstrations and trainings

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks have been organising demonstrations, trainings and inaugurating farm schools across the state. Following are the reports from various ATMA blocks.
Tokiye block: Tokiye block Zunheboto conducted demonstration on April 21, April 22 and April 28 at Hoshepu village, Yezashi village and Satami village respectively. BTM Livika K Zhimomi, ATM Moanenla Jamir and ATM Ika Kinnimy conducted demonstration on the topic, “soil health card technology”.
Mangkolemba block: ATMA Mokokchung, Mangkolemba block inaugurated farm school and conducted training on “good agriculture practices of litchi” on April 26 at Waromung Village. A progressive farmer, Purtola Aier, was selected as farm school teacher. In the technical session, resource person, ATM, Alemnungla Longkumer trained farmers on agriculture practices of litchi plantation.
Jalukie block: ATMA Jalukie block conducted demonstration on the topic, inter cropping of soya bean, vertical farming of bitter gourd using crop support net and “pheromone insect trap” on April 23-27 at Beisumpuikam, Jalukiekam and Jalukie Jangdi villages.
Peren block: ATMA Peren blocks conducted demonstration on the topic vermi composting, cultivation of yardlong bean and preparation of natural fertilizer on April 27-28 at Gaili Nandi and Ngwalwa village.
Ahthibung block: Ahthibung Block conducted demonstration on nursery bed preparation, jeevamrut and vermi composting on April 27-28 at Old Chalkot and Saijang village.
Tenning block: Tenning block conducted demonstration on preparation of bijamrita, making of yellow sticky traps for management of sucking pest and soil sampling techniques on April 22-28 at Tepun, Old Ngau and other villages.
Dhansiripar block: ATMA Dimapur, Dhansiripar block inaugurated a piggery farm school on April 29 at Kiyeto village and farm school was inaugurated by VAS, District Vet Hospital Dimapur, Dr Qhelitoli Sema where Jeholi Chishi of Kiyeto village was appointed as farm teacher.
Panso block: ATMA Panso block under Tuensang district inaugurated mandarin orange farm school on April 29 at Shaothoimong (Pathso Nokeng) with Tuming as farm school teacher.
Chuchuyimlang block: With an aim to promote farmer-to-farmer extension, ATMA Mokokchung, Chuchuyimlang block inaugurated Mandarin Orange Orchard farm school on April 27 at Salulamang village. The block informed that the farm school was inaugurated by AFA Mejasenzuk and I Maongtoshi was appointed as the farm teacher.
Ongpangkong South block: ATMA Mokokchung, Ongpangkong South Block launched “integrated farming system” on April 30 at Mangmetong Village.
Dimapur block: ATMA Dimapur inaugurated papaya farm school on April 30 at Shiwoto Village, where BTM Aghunaqa block highlighted the roles and functions of Farm school and farm school teacher.
Aboi block: ATMA Aboi block conducted a demonstration on “package of practices of French beans” on April 28 at Langmeang village, where resource person ATM Linota Chophy trained farmers on soil preparation, sowing method and disease management.
Chen block: ATMA Chen block conducted demonstration programme on “cultivation practices of bitter gourd” on April 28 at Chenloisho village. Resource persons, ATM Chuba Imsong demonstrated on soil management, sowing techniques and also emphasised on health benefits of bitter gourd and ATM Taiching Yana encouraged farmers to grow crops based on soil type of the area in order to avoid crop failure and economic loss.
Phomching block: ATMA Phomching block conducted a demonstration programme on “use of food preservatives for preservation of value-added products” on April 28 to a group of farmers of a Food Security Group (FSG) at Longwa village with ATM Diezelhouno Chiicha as resource person.
Tizit block: ATMA Tizit block conducted demonstration programme on “preparation of bordeaux mixture and bordeaux paste” on April 27 at Neitong village with ATM Nchumthung Murry as resource person.
Angjangyang block: ATMA Angjangyang block organised a demonstration programme on “nursery bed preparation of tomato” on April 20 at Yaphang village. Angjangyang block also conducted ‘Kisan Ghosti’ on April 29 at Yei village.
Wakching block: ATMA Wakching block conducted two demonstration programmes on April 28 at Lower Tiru village.
Demonstrations on “organic waste composting” and “preparation and use of Bordeaux mixture” were carried out by ATM Wanshom Konyak and ATM Weeniyie Yanlen respectively.
Mon block: Mon block conducted demonstration programme on “preparation of microbial fertiliser” on April 28 at Phuktong village, where resource persons, ATM Manlen Longcha conducted a demonstration on production process of microbial fertiliser- both liquid and solid bio-fertiliser and its application and ATM Khriezelhou Seyie conducted a demonstration on ‘vertical stacking in French beans for efficient growth’.


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