Saturday, April 1, 2023

ATMA blocks conduct demonstrations & trainings across the state

With an objective to empower and skill farmers, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conducted various demonstrations and trainings across the state.
Angjangyang block: ATMA Mon, Angjangyang block conducted demonstration programme on January 28 at Vegetable farm school Changlang village. Demonstration was done on the topic, “cultivation practices of bitter gourd” by resource person, ATM. Leiwang Konyak. A proper depth of sowing and spacing of bitter gourd was demonstrated to the farmers. Altogether 10 farmers were benefitted and seeds were distributed to them.
ATMA Mon: ATMA Mon, Chen block conducted demonstration programme at Chen village in Mon on January 25. Resource persons BTM Nusakho Nyekha and ATM Taichin Yana demonstrated on the various methods of plant propagation, pest management in vegetable crops using bio control agents and rodent management in field and storages. At the programme, the resource persons also interacted with the farmers and instructed the importance of various activities including sanitation and irrigation in the field.
ATMA Mon, Mon block also conducted a demonstration programme on “Nursery bed preparation of Rabi crops” on January 24 at Totok Chingha. Resource person Khriezelhou Seyie ATM demonstrated on preparation of raised nursery bed and set up a net for shade purpose. He emphasized and encouraged line sowing method instead of broadcasting to get quality seedlings for healthy and vigorous crops. ATM, Manlen Longcha also explained about the advantages of trellising tomatoes and demonstrated on construction of different trellis structure using easily available biodegradable resources for supporting tomato plant. A total of 10 participants attended and seeds of mustard, okra and tomato were distributed to the participants.
Longkhim block: ATMA Tuensang Longkhim block on January 27 conducted demonstrations growing of coriander using hydroponic system, irrigational method in farmland and application of yellow sticky trap at Yangli with ATM, Odilemla and BTM, Arenla as resource persons. The resource persons, Odilemla gave detailed information on importance of water for proper growth of plants and modern irrigational methods in farmland were discussed while Arenla on the benefits and potential of yellow sticky trap to monitor day flying insects.
Sangsangnyu block: ATMA Tuensang, Sangsangnyu block conducted demonstration programme on bee keeping, pickle making and compost making on January 27 at Tuensang Village with resource persons, Ayenmongba (progressive farmer), Muziselu Ringa (BTM) and Ajungla M Aier (ATM). Ayenmongba highlighted on the basic advantages of bee keeping and also a brief description on the different chambers of a bee box. A hands-on demonstration on setting up a bee box was also done. The farmers also participated on chilli pickle and compost making which were led by Muziselu Ringa and Ajungla M Aier.
Phomching block: ATMA Mon, Phomching block conducted frontline demonstration at Tangnyu village on January 25. The participants were given demonstration on the topic” cultivation practices of long yard beans”. ATM, Diezelhounuo Chucha told the participants that the soil for long yard beans must be well drained, fertile and the texture which is suitable is garden loamy. 12 participants attended the demonstration programme. Seeds of various vegetables were also distributed among the participants. The programme was chaired by BTM, Nunghothung Odyuo.
Aboi block: ATMA Mon, Aboi block conducted demonstration programme on the topic, “Package of Practices of Bitter Gourd” on January 25 at Ngangching village. The resource person ATM Linota Chophy gave a hands on demonstration on soil preparation, spacing between plants and using bamboo trellises for supporting the plants and watering at regular intervals. She also spoke on IPM for controlling pest and diseases. Hybrid seeds were distributed to the farmers
Tizit block: ATMA Mon, Tizit block conducted a demonstration programme on January 24 at Jaboka village. The resource person Mhachamo Ngullie explained about the stepwise procedure involved in the cultivation of Oyster mushroom and later demonstrated on the same. He also apprised the participants on the nutritional value of oyster mushroom and its potential in the market. A total of 15 participants attended the programme. Mushroom spawns were distributed at the end of the programme.
Wakching block: ATMA Mon, Wakching block conducted a two-day programme on January 23-24 at Naginimora and Hotahoti respectively. The participants were demonstrated on the importance of flat nursery bed preparation of zaid crops. The resource person emphasized on the three different types of nursery beds appropriate for different crop seasons. Resource person also demonstrated the preparation of oyster mushroom. Altogether 21 farmers and one farmer friend attended the programme. Resource persons were ATM, Wanshom Konyak and farmer friend, Aye Konyak. Later various seeds and mushroom spawns were distributed to the participants.

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