Saturday, March 25, 2023

ATMA blocks conduct demonstrations & trainings

With an objective to empower and skill farmers, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conducted various demonstrations and trainings across the state.
Suruhuto block: ATMA Zunheboto, Suruhuto Block conducted demonstration programmes on January 27-28 at Zhekuto and Sapoti village. The farmers were shown a hands-on demonstration on “soil conservation measures on jhum (brushwood check dam)” was shown by ATM, Kaoto Sema, using locally available resources dissipating the energy of runoff and to keep the gully stable.
ATM, Moanenla Jamir illustrated compost making using Berkeley method and highlighted the importance of the hot composting method as it produces compost in just 18 days as compared to other conventional method of composting which takes about 30 -40 days. Further, the farmers were also trained on “cultivation of mushroom” in collaboration with FOCUS-IFAD, Zunheboto. Altogether 16 farmers along with ATMA staffs attended the training programme.
Kobulong block: ATMA Mokokchung Kobulong block conducted a demonstration on “improved cultivation practices of chilli” on January 28 at Molongkong, Mopungchuket village.
Resource person, block technology manager, ATMA, C. Amongla Jamir deliberated on nursery bed preparation, land preparation, application of manures, sowing time transplanting, intercultural operation, pest and disease management and harvesting and encouraged the farmers to engage in organic farming.
She also highlighted the farmers on the uses of neem oil, pheromone trap and yellow sticky trap Later, preparation of raised nursery bed and spacing to maintain while planting were demonstrated to the farmers. Altogether 11 farmers attended the programme.
Tuli block: ATMA Mokokchung Tuli block conducted demonstration on “oyster mushroom cultivation” and “performance of chilli var. Aviva1816” on January 27 at Tuli Town and Aopenzu village. The resource person ATM, Imlipokim Pongener deliberated on the benefits of mushroom cultivation and its contribution in elevating the economic status. He briefed the farmers on the raw materials and equipment required for cultivation and precautionary measures a cultivator should follow during the process. He further demonstrated step wise cultivation procedures to the farmers.
Resource person, ATM, Lanusanen, gave demonstration on “performance of chilli var. Aviva 1816” and gave a demonstration on nursery bed preparation and its management.

Medziphema block: ATMA Dimapur, Medziphema block conducted demonstration programme on “application of bio fertilizer (neem fruit powder) in potato for enhanced growth” on January 27 at Seitheke Basa village with Assistant Technology Manager (ATM), Masatula as the resource person.
Earlier, the block also conducted a demonstration programme on “vaccination of backyard poultry (srinidhi) cum distribution” on January 18 at Medziphema Town. Resource person, Veterinary Field Assistant (VFA), department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Kuhuboto, M.Shink gave a hands-on demonstration on vaccination and management of chicks during its nascent stage when the chicks were at its most vulnerable stage. The farmers were also advised to ensure poultry hygiene and sanitation so as to prevent the spread of infectious germs. Altogether 12 farmers attended the demonstration programme. The block also conducted training cum demonstration programme on “Oyster mushroom cultivation” was conducted at Kukidolong village with ATM, Medziphema block, Hitokali as the resource person. The women farmers from Eloe Ekho Self Help Group (SHG) were given hands-on demonstration on the cultivation of oyster mushroom. Altogether 12 women farmers attended the programme.

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