Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ATMA blocks conduct various activities

With an objective to enhance the skills and economy of farmers, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks conducted trainings, demonstrations, capacity building programmes and inaugurated farm schools for farmers across the state.
Changtongya block: Changtongya block conducted demonstrations on “cultivation practices of ridge gourd” and “cultivation practices of bitter gourd” was conducted on April 20 at Yaongyimsen Village, Mokokchung. A demonstration on “cultivation practices of cucumber” was conducted on April 21 at Liroyim village, Mokokchung.
Mangkolemba block: ATMA Mokokchung, Mangkolemba block, conducted a capacity building cum demonstration on “waste decomposer” and cultivation practices of bitter gourd” and on “cultivation practices of okra” on April 20 at Changki Village and Mangkolemba Town respectively.
The block also conducted demonstration on “cultivation practices of watermelon” and cultivation practices of okra” on April 21 at Mangkolemba town and Waromung village.
Dhansiripar block: ATMA Dimapur Dhansiripar block conducted demonstrations on “application of bio-pesticide against fall army worm (FAW) in a maize field”, “cultivation of king chilly in grow bags” on April 18 at Singrijan Village and Kiyeto Village respectively.
The block also organised programme on “mobilization of farmer’s group” and demonstration on “fish pond management and culture practices” for the fish farmers on April 22 at Integrated Farming System (IFS) farm, Doyapur.
Chuchuyimlang block: ATMA Mokokchung, Chuchuyimlang block conducted demonstration and capacity building programme on “cultivation practices of cowpea” and “post-harvest management of horticultural crops” on April 19 at Chakpa Village.
The block also conducted a capacity building cum demonstration programme on “oyster mushroom cultivation” and “cultivation practices of bitter gourd” on April 18 at Yaongyimti old village and demonstration on “cultivation practices of pole beans” and “cultivation practices of sponge gourd on April 20 at Yaongyimti new village.
Ongpangkong South block:Capacity building on value addition of banana and ginger was conducted on April 19 at Longkhum village by ATMA, Ongpangkong South Block, Mokokchung.
Medziphema block: With an objective to promote farmer-to-farmer extension for effective and fast technology transfer among the farming community, ATMA Dimapur Medziphema block on April 20 inaugurated a ginger farm school at Piphema-A village. The inauguration was followed by a demonstration on “seed treatment of ginger rhizome with trichoderma- a fungicide”.
The block conducted mobilisation of farmers group on April 22 at Seitheke Basa village which was followed by a demonstration on line sowing of sweetcorn.
Kobulong block: Kobulong block Mokokchung conducted a demonstration on intercropping of maize with cowpea and demonstration on land preparation, sowing method, and disease management on April 18 at Longpa village.
The block also conducted a capacity building program on cultivation technology of oyster mushroom for Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs) /Commodity interest groups (CIGs) on April 18 at Longpa village.
Zunheboto block: ATMA Zunheboto block conducted demonstration on soil health card technology on April 20 at Yemishe village, Sukhalu village and Lochomi village.
Chessore block: ATMA Tuensang Chessore block conducted demonstration on “use of pheromone trap for Fall Army Worm (FAW)”, “management of FAW” and “control measures of FAW through bio-pesticides” on April 19 at Shiponger village. The block also inaugurated fishery farm school on April 21 at Shiponger village.
Chümoukedima block: ATMA Dimapur Chümoukedima block organised farmers group mobilization and demonstration on “sowing method of Pearl millet Var. Dhanashakti” on April 22, at Bamunphukri 1 village.
Aghunaqa block: ATMA Dimapur Aghunaqa block conducted mobilisation of soybean farmers on April 23 at Aoyimchen village. The block also conducted demonstration on “preparation of nursery bed using bio-degradable and moisture rich banana stem” and “Farm mechanization- Functions and uses of sprayers (Hydraulic/Pneumatic)” at L. Vihoto village.


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