Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ATMA Peren holds second governing board meet

ATMA Peren district held the second Governing Board meeting on September 9 at KVK office Jalukie.
In a press release ATMA Peren, deputy project director Kumui Nring stated that the meeting was attended by Agri & Allied departments.
In an opening speech Dory Yanthan, project director ATMA and also district fishery officer welcomed all the members and congratulated Vineet Kumar, chairman governing board and Deputy Commissioner for achieving governor’s award. DC Peren Vineet Kumar, in his speech exhorted the members to be active, sincere and transparent in the approach as an extension worker to bring change in the life of farmers in Peren district.
Later, vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. L. Babita Devi CTO (A/Sc) KVK Peren.


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