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ATMAs conduct skill training of rural youth across the state

DIMAPUR | Publish Date: 10/18/2021 1:49:29 PM IST

Agricultural Technology Management Agencies (ATMAs) has been conducting Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY) across the state to impart skill-based training to rural youth on agri-based vocational areas in agriculture & allied areas. STRY activities are coordinated by National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE), through State Agricultural Management and Training Institutes (SAMETIs) at state level.

Mokokchung: ATMA Mokokchung conducted a six-day STRY on “piggery rearing and management” from October 4-9 at Ungma village under Ongpangkong north block, Mokokchung. 

Resource persons for the programme were veterinary assistant surgeon (VAS), department of animal husbandry & veterinary services, Mokokchung, Dr. Chubasanen and assistant chief technical officer (A.H & Vety.) KVK, Yisemyong, Dr. Rongsensusang.

During the training, topics such as “scope and potential of piggery farming”, “general management of piggery in breed management”, “nutrition and housing”, were discussed by Dr. Chubasanen.

Dr. Rongsensusang discussed on health care management, processing and value addition, marketing and economics on piggery rearing while ATMA Mokokchung deputy project director, Sentinaro Longchar delivered brief introduction about STRY and highlighted the training details and its aim.

Evaluation and feedbacks were received from all trainees and certificates were distributed. Altogether, 19 participants along with farmer friend (F.F), BFAC member Ungma village and ATMA staff attended the skill training.

Mon: STRY on mushroom production technology was conducted at mushroom spawn production unit, DHO office Mon on October 12.  

Special guest for the programme, EAC, Mon, Khenpa Bohlim stated that mushroom could be cultivated on large number of agro-wastes and timing for training was good as farmers could use the straw/hay from recently harvested for substrate preparation.

Resource persons for the Skill Training of Rural Youth were Ngaplem Konyak and Skikyi Konyak from district horticulture office, Mon. Resource persons trained the participants on “preparation or procurement of spawn, substrate preparation, spawning of substrate, crop management and harvesting and marketing”. 

Resource persons also conducted hands on training on, substrate preparation, spawning and layering of substrate. 

Peren: ATMA Peren conducted STRY programme on integrated development of small ruminants and rabbits from October 4-9 at sub-division fishery office, Jalukie. 

Resource person assistant professor, college of veterinary science & animal husbandry, Jalukie, Dr. Imtiwati Pongener deliberated on various topics including schemes for integrated development of small ruminants and rabbits (IDSRR), funding agencies (ministry of agriculture and cooperation, department of AH & fishery) especially for entrepreneurs under IDSRR, salient features and objectives and implementation etc. 

Rearing of sheep, goat and rabbits for commercial purposes, breedings farms, market linkage etc were taken up by the resources persons.

The training programme was inaugurated by SDFO & project director ATMA, Ruokuo Noho, while DPD, ATMA, Kumui Nring highlighted training details. 

Self-assessment test for participants was also conducted, while certificates awarded to participants. 

Altogether 19 farmers and youths attended the training programme.  

Tuensang: ATMA Tuensang conducted at council hall Sangsangyu village, Tuensang. 

Considering the availability of various fruits and vegetables in the area, the topic at the programme was on “post-harvest processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables”. 

Resource person KVK Tuensang, SMS Dr. Shisarenla Aier took up sessions on various topics such as scope and importance of fruit and vegetables preservation in Tuensang district, importance of post-harvest management and value addition, cause of food spoilage, etc.

Hands on demonstration on various pickle makings like king chilli pickle, mixed vegetable pickle, chilli pickle, ginger candy, etc. were also conducted.

Participants were briefed on labelling and packaging for commercial marketing of products and the importance of acquiring IFSSAI registration number for commercial marketing. 

Packaging materials and value-added products were also distributed to the participants. 

Altogether, 28 unemployed youths under Sangsangyu block attended the programme. 

Certificates were distributed at the valedictory programme.


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