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ATMAs, KVKs conduct various programmes

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Satakha block conducted demonstrations on “oyster mushroom production technology” and demonstrations on “gully pluga” on January 27 at Usutomi Village.
The block also conducted demonstrations on “cultivation of sweet orange cum bio enzyme cleaners” and “demonstrations on oyster mushroom production technology” on January 27 at Zhevishe Village.
The block in collaboration with Focus IFAD, Zunheboto also conducted demonstrations on “oyster mushroom production technology” and distribution of “oyster mushroom spawn” and materials /equipment for oyster mushroom production for young women farmers.
Resources person for the demonstration programmes were BTM, L. Chichamo Shitini and ATM, Tovi V Jimomi from ATMA Satakha Block.
ATMA Dimapur: A weeklong Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY) programme on “employment generation and income through sericulture” organised by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Dimapur at Amaluma Village concluded on January 21.
A total of 20 participants were registered for the training programme with sericulture supervisor, C. Zhipen, block technology manager Dhansiripar, P Moainla and assistant technology manager, Kaiho Achumi as the resource persons.
Deputy project director, ATMA Dimapur, Avitoli K Yeptho underscored the importance of vocational studies and added that STRY aims at imparting skill-based training to rural youth on agri-based vocational areas in compliance with National Policy on Skill Development & Entrepreneurship-2015 in agriculture and allied areas to promote employment in rural areas. The programme concluded with distribution of certificates to the participants and vote of thanks by block technology manager, P Moainla.
ATMA Ghathashi block: ATMA Ghathashi block conducted demonstrations on “mushroom cultivation” and “gully plug” on January 24 at Chisholimi village with ATM, Kerilhoulie Rulu as the resource person. At the programme, resource person explained how mushroom cultivation could strengthen local livelihoods through generation of a fast yielding, nutritious source of food and serve as a reliable source of income. He also demonstrated the steps and methods in construction of the check dams. Rulu said the main objective of “gully plug” was to prevent soil erosion and increase percolation thereby increase water table.
KVK Peren: Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Peren district conducted its 6th Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting on January 25 at KVK Peren office, Jalukie. The meeting was virtually chaired by HORC, ICAR RC for NEH Region, Nagaland Center Jarnapani, Dr. D. J. Rajkowa. The annual progress report 2022 and annual action Plan 2023 was presented by Dr. L. Babita Devi CTO A.Sc. The meeting deliberated on the impact and relevance of the KVK activities for the farming community.
KVK Aboi: A Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY) on “soil testing” was organised by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Mon on January 17-23 at KVK Aboi. The training was organised under the aegis of directorate of extension, department of agriculture, cooperation and farmer welfare, government of India in collaboration with national institute of agricultural extension management (MANAGE) Hyderabad and the state agricultural management and extension training institute (SAMETI) Nagaland.
The training aimed to impart skill- based training to rural youth on agri- based vocational areas under the sub-mission on agricultural extension and national mission on agriculture extension and technology. The week-long training programme covered a wide range on the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil with ACTO (soil conservation), Zhiete Kapfo, ACTO (horticulture), E. Renbomo Ngullie and ACTO (plant protection), Dr. Ropfuselhou Kehie as the resource persons. A total of 19 youth from Nangching village and Aboi town participated in the training.

ATMA Dimapur block

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