Sunday, November 27, 2022

ATMAs organise field day, demonstrations

Agricultural Technology management Agency (ATMA) organised field day and demonstrations for farmers and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Dimapur and Kohima.

Sechü-Zubza block: ATMA Sechü-Zubza block conducted field day and demonstration programme on July 2 at Khonoma where harvesting of potatoes and demonstration on nursery bed preparation of cabbage, carrot and coriander were carried out.

The event was attended by the members of an FIG from the village, along with farmer’s friend and ATMA functionaries.

ATM Thejavizonuo Kelio said with the present situation arising out of the COVID-19 outbreak and the importance been given more on agriculture and food security during such times have given ample opportunities to local farmers to sell their produce on a wider scale and hence farmers should step up their pace and grab the opportunity.

A detailed hand on demonstration on bed preparation was shown by ATM Ketsivino Nakhro.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Kohima, Chiephobozou block conducted demonstration on paddy transplanting under System of Rice Intensification (SRI) on July 2, at SRI farm school, Nerhe model.

A press release from ATMA Kohima Chiephobozou block informed that this was a system designed to yield more crops as compared to traditional practice.

The system would help increase sustainability among the paddy growers.

Dimapur: ATMA Aghunaqa Block conducted training on Ergonomics for Farm Workers at R. Hovishe Village with BTM Aghunaqa block as the resources person on July 9.

She said that stooping, bending, lifting, kneeling and long periods of repetitive motion in farm activities can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. She also discussed about the general rules of ergonomics for farm workers and different guidelines to be followed while doing farm work. 

Demonstrations was shown on method of sowing soybean by scientist AICRP- SASRD, Engrala Ao which was followed by demonstration on application of organic, biological and chemical pesticides in maize FAW conducted by ATM Ahunaqa Block, Mikato Shohe.

Later, demonstration on yellow sticky trap was conducted at Luhezhe village by Aketoli Chophy (ATM Aghuna block).

Altogether 28 farmers and SHG members from R. Hovishe and Luhezhe villages attended the programme.

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