Sunday, January 29, 2023

ATSU demands HoDs to remain in station

Aghunato Town Students Union (ATSU) has demanded the heads of departments (HoDs) of 10 different departments to remain in station.
In a press release, ATSU president Hekavi Yeptho stated that the 10 departments have been “neglected in many ways” due to the absence of HoDs.
In this regard, ATSU has asked the engineer for PWD department, SDEO of Education department, SDO of Agri department, STO of sub treasury and ADC in-charge of administration are requested to remain in station, at Aghunato.
ATSU on August 9, with ESSU visited all the offices during which, it said, some offices were “in deplorable condition.”
The employers of different department were seen maintaining the offices but “without any office works just so the HODs are mostly unavailable”, the union stated.
It also asked the government to post ADC at Aghunato which was the current head of administration and the instructor at industry office, Aghunato.

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