Friday, December 2, 2022

Awareness programme on menstrual hygiene

An awareness programme on menstrual hygiene was organised by National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) Nagaland – Child Right Movement in collaboration with Assisi Centre for Integrated Development (ACID) on November 14 at Assisi Centre Hall, Dimapur.
A press release by ACID informed that at the programme, Sr. Pramila highlighted the importance of menstrual health and hygiene, which was essential to the wellbeing and empowerment of women and adolescent girls.
Resource person, counsellor from Childline Dimapur, Alomi said a disregard for menstrual hygiene serves to reinforce the overall lower status of women and girls.
Alomi asserted the importance of managing menstrual hygiene in schools while pointing out that poor menstrual hygiene could led to serious health risks like reproductive and urinary tract infections, which could result in future infertility and other health issues.
She also underscored the need to address stigma and taboo related to menstrual health and its hygiene.

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