Thursday, November 30, 2023

Badruddin says journalists should be beaten

Dhubri MP Maulana Badruddin Ajmal has once again found himself embroiled in controversy, facing severe criticism for his remarks advocating violence against video journalists.

The Central Margherita Muslim Committee on November 11 strongly condemned Ajmal’s statements, labeling him as the “most controversial person of our country.”
Mohammed Toufik Khan, the general secretary of the Central Margherita Muslim Committee, expressed his dismay stating that as a Member of Parliament and an Islamic theologian, Ajmal should uphold the dignity of his position.

Khan called Ajmal’s language reminiscent of “Goonda and Mawaali,” denouncing it as unacceptable. The controversy erupted when Ajmal declared on November 10 said that he would handle any case involving the beating of a video journalist.

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He went further, pledging to cover any financial expenses associated with such incidents. These comments have been met with widespread condemnation particularly from media circles in Assam.

Mohammed Toufik Khan called upon all media persons in Assam to register cases against Dhubri MP Maulana Badruddin Ajmal at every police station in the state.

He stated, “On November 10, MP Badruddin Ajmal’s statement regarding journalists, suggesting that they should be beaten, reflects the language of a thug. As a member of parliament and an Islamic scholar, it is unbecoming for him to express such sentiments. We strongly condemn the use of such language and cannot tolerate it.” Khan asserted that an FIR should be filed against Ajmal and necessary legal actions must be taken in response to his inappropriate remarks.


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