Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bare-foot runner takes part in walkathon

Bengaluru-based Aakash Nambiar, also known as the “Barefoot Mallu” took part in the walkathon organised by Dimapur 24/7 on Sunday.
The walkathon was flagged off by Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Kevithuto Sophie from City tower, Dimapur and successfully culminated at Chumukedima.
The walkathon was organised with the motto- “Save the Earth from Climate change and Global warming”.
Various organisations and individuals also joined the walkathon.
It may be noted that Nambiar ran solo from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, covering a total distance of 118 km in 27 hours in 2020 to inspire the youth of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to make fitness a priority.

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