Friday, January 27, 2023

Bengali author apologizes, clarifies

Facing sharp criticism and strong condemnations over “false representation of Naga identity” in her book “Debaratir Sera Thriller”, the Bengali author Debarati Mukhopadhyay has tendered “unconditional sincere apology to the Nagas.
In a hand-written letter dated October 7, 2022, forwarded to the media, Debarati said she was “really sorry” for the upset caused by her 2017 short story “Bhoj” based on Nagaland.
“Believe me it is completely unintentional and that fictional story never ever consisted of any real tribe/district/village of Nagaland,” Debarati clarified.
She claimed that the news published by “IndiaTodayNE” on October 1, 2022 erroneously wrote some false information which they later modified.
The author said that she “never ever” mentioned any real tribe/district/village in her story. “Please don’t believe the abruptly circulated hoax and don’t misunderstand me,” Debarati further pleaded.
The author assured that the publisher of the book will change the name “Nagaland” in the next edition.

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