Thursday, December 8, 2022

Benrelui Nkwa Kohima celebrates 49th Lamsimngyi festival

Joining the rest of the Zeliang community, Benreului Nkwa Kohima celebrated the 49th Langsimngyi festival at Highland Park, Meriema on October 31.
Speaking at the programme, Dr. Ilang acknowledged the vision of the pioneering elder members for forming Benerelui Nkwa Kohima in 1973 to bring the community together.
He challenged the younger generation to not only focus on government jobs alone but also venture out on private sectors, hospitality, farming, skill development etc.
Dr. Ilang pointed out that God’s blessing on the people was enormous as the Benreu Baptist Church (BBU) would be celebrating 125 years of Christianity.
In this regard, he encouraged the Benreu community to strive in achieving greater heights not just spiritually but also educationally and socially.
Other highlights of the programme included felicitation of HSLC and HSSLC students and cultural dance (helim) presented by Benreu Student’s Union Kohima.
It may be mentioned that Benreu Baptist Church (BBU) will be celebrating Quasqui centenary from December 17-18 on the theme, “From Blessing to Glory”.

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