Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Benreu BC celebrates 125 years


Benreu Baptist Church (BBC) celebrated Quasquicentenary, 125 years of God’s Faithfulness under theme “From blessings to Glory” at Benreu village, Peren on Sunday.
On Sunday morning, a flamboyant trumpet was blown heralding quasquicentennial followed by dedication of quasquicentennial monolith by advisor BBU Rev. Kulungsing Meru after which the choir presented the quasquicentennial anthem followed by dedication of the new church building by president BBU Rev. Kuzierang Thou.
Executing director (elect.) foundation for theological education in Asia and Pacific, USA Rev. Dr. Wati Longchar in his message at the worship service congratulated the BBC for attaining 125 years milestone of Christianity stating that it was a befitting occasion to celebrate His Faithfulness.
Asserting that without unity, repentance, forgiveness and without changing the past mistakes, Jubilee means nothing and therefore he urged the congregations to celebrate the jubilee with a heart of repentance and forgiveness.
Referring from the gospel book of Luke 14: 12-14 Rev. Longchar encouraged the congregation to love and give those people in need instead of sharing the richness with rich people who have something in return.
Citing the example of Jesus who threw away the hierarchical system and brought in the lame, blind, deaf and leapers Rev. Longchar said without doing justice to those outside the gate (the lame, blind, deaf and leapers), society cannot expand God’s glory.
He said Nagas deserve better development and facilities yet Nagas were suffering because of the selfish politicians and bureaucrats that had stolen the public money.
Longchar said many Nagas were poor because of vision-less leaders, as many of the leaders loved money more than people and worshipped money as God because of which Nagas were not progressing.
Rev. Longchar further stated that without God’s spirit the world cannot be abundant and said everything has a limit to one’s want and desire.
Rev. Longchar urged the congregation to spread the message to limit the wants and needs and have more respect for Mother Nature to have a healthier life.
Rev. Dr. Wati Longchar was assisted by Keyigumpeule Thou in translation to local dialect.
On the occasion executive secretary Rev. Izieteilung Terieng released the jubilee souvenir while Neingulaü K. Zeliang spoke on behalf of Tileime.

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