Monday, November 28, 2022

Beware of crushed stone, chips fraud/scam in Dimapur

Crushed stone chips business has become the monumental scam, cheating naive and uninformed buyers in Dimapur. It’s a misfortune most of the people from Dimapur has suffered in one way or another, losing thousands of Rupees in a single purchase. This crooked practice should be stopped through informed awareness.
How this scam works
Chippings/ Crushed Stone sellers offer buyers below usual price, claiming they stand to make very marginal percentage. However, they gain higher profits by lessening the quantity or by mixing smaller sizes of crushed stones which has fewer uses. Since customers cannot understand how they are fooled because crushed stones are delivered in truckloads and there is no traditional ways to measure, these swindlers are left uncorrected.
Crushed stones are sold in Dumper/Tipper Trucks that carries 400 cft but in reality, buyers get around 350 cft only for the price of 400 cefty. And if they do get 400 cefty, they find smaller sizes of stone chips hidden between lower and upper layers.
In order to stop these cheaters, I am contributing few awareness steps on how to escape from the greedy clutches.

  1. Before the truck unloads, tell the driver to switch off the engine. Safety first. Then raise yourself above the truck’s body level to inspect if it is loaded up to body-level.
  2. Since Dumper/Tipper Truck’s body is built higher than normal trucks, you cannot inspect if it’s fully loaded by simply standing next to the truck. The dealers know people are often lazy and to avoid getting few dirt on them, never climb onto the body to check its quantity. This is the reason why sellers become emboldened and never deliver full loads.
  3. When you find the load is not up to the brim of the truck body, some colluding con drivers will tell you that at the loading spot, they topped the body leveling but during transportation, the crushed-stones have compacted below. Do not fall for this con because even bumpy roads cannot compact crushed-stones by not more than one centimeter (less than half an inch) from the brim of body-level.
  4. Finally, tell the driver to raise the hydraulic shaft slowly and steadily while unloading. Not in one swift motion. This way, you can see if 6 mm & 8 mm (smaller sized and cheaper chips that are hazardous for RCC buildings) sizes are lodged between two layers.
    If the load is inadequate, send it back and tell them to deliver your money’s worth or report to patrolling police escorts or nearest police station through phone call.
    Most efficient way to stop scams and frauds is by disclosing and educating the whole community on how to uncover if they are being duped through simple steps. These greedy businesspeople will keep on duping and deceiving the innocent buyers unless everyone in the community is enlightened.
    So, let’s start by sharing the above exposition with everyone through WhatsApp Groups because everyone may not have the opportunity to read this material hear. Please take a photo shot and share it. By divulging this information, you are actively participating in the process of stopping fraudsters and crooks.
    Hukavi A Sumi, Dimapur,
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