Saturday, November 26, 2022

Biren cautions student leaders


Nobody will be allowed to indulge in anti-national and anti-government activities, Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh warned student resorting to violent activities in recent agitations.
It may be mentioned that two violent agitations by students were witnessed in the state in the recent days. The state police department had already initiated investigations into the recent students’ agitations after registering separate FIR cases.
In one of the agitations inside the Manipur University on September 30, students demanding withdrawal of a show cause notice served to one of its assistant professors indulged in vandalism
A day earlier, students of government-run colleges ransacked college properties and blocked roads in front of their respective college premises to protest against the postponement of the college student unions election.
In some video footages that went viral on social media, agitating students were seen mishandling passer-by during the agitations.
The ‘excessive” meted out by the students during the agitations were not taken lightly, said chief minister N Biren Singh, who responded to some queries from the reporters on the sideline of National Cleanliness Day observance in Imphal today.
Singh also expressed shock at a viral video in which a woman with her child were mishandled by the protesting students
The chief minister said that the government was observing the activities of the student bodies and their leaders. “We are closely observing whether they (student unions and leaders) are working under whose guidance or interest. Whether they are working in nexus with the outlawed groups,” he said.
The state government was well aware of the importance of students’ unions. However, if they were working for vested interests and against the nation or state, the government will not take the matter lightly.
Students should work in the interest of the student community and not go beyond the limit.
So far, the state government was keeping restrained in initiating legal actions like lodging FIR cases against the student activists who were involved in any anti-national or any other undesirable activities, considering their careers, he said.
Singh warned that the state government will not remain silent spectator if they don’t put a stop to their activities and that cases under appropriate sections of the laws will be taken up against them.
A person with a criminal record or cases against him/her will be barred from government jobs, he warned the students.
The chief minister said that he had already instructed the police department to maintain a record for students involved in criminal cases and anti-national and anti-government activities and update it in all police stations across the state.
On the postponement of the elections to the college student unions, the chief minister said that it was necessary to prevent escalation of violent clashes among the groups of students.

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