Sunday, November 27, 2022

BJP is an inclusive party: Along in Manipur

In the run-up to the forthcoming Manipur state assembly election, Nagaland State BJP president and minister Temjen Imna Along asserted that BJP is the world’s largest political party with the best interest for even the smallest and poorest section of the society.
Along said this while addressing the election rally for 50 Kangpokpi assembly constituency BJP candidate, Nemcha Kigpen, state BJP media cell stated in a press note. He said: “BJP is not just a political party but a national party with its focus on socio-economic developmental programs as its top priority, and is inclusive in nature.”
While urging all well-wishers, party karyakartas and public to support Nemcha, Along described her as a loyal BJP worker who deserved to be given a chance to represent her people in the assembly.
“You don’t have a leader; you have a party worker amongst you” stated Along, recollecting the selfless services she had rendered towards the needy with much passion and conviction during the pandemic.
Calling for mutual respect in religious matters, he asserted, “our leaders in India are Hindus. So, they have a right to believe in their faith. Likewise, our leaders of Manipur, the hilly areas and Nagaland which is a Christian State; and each of us have a right to practice our own faith. Let us respect each other and be inclusive.”
He also highlighted about the numerous central schemes under the BJP government that has helped the citizens regardless of party affiliations, adding that BJP is an inclusive party that listens to the voice of the poor and its party karyakartas.

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