Sunday, February 5, 2023

BJP to support NPP govt till its full term: Shullai


Meghalaya’s lone BJP minister Sanbor Shullai on Thursday said the party would continue to support the National People’s Party (NPP)-led government till it completes its full term.
However, NPP State president and Rajya Sabha member, Wanweiroy Kharlukhi dared the BJP to pull out of the coalition government. Shullai’s statement is significant after State BJP president Ernest Mawrie had said, all BJP workers have expressed their willingness to pull out from the coalition over the alleged large scale corruption in the government.
Mawrie has been critical of the alleged illegal coal mining and transportation and has also raised concern about alleged scam in the power department. The latest objection was the collapse of the dome in the under construction Assembly building and shoddy construction of the Inter State Bus Terminus in Shillong.
Mawrie and others demanded an independent probe into the infrastructure collapse. “All grievances raised by the party president will be addressed by the Chief Minister Conrad Sangma,” Shullai said, adding that in coalition politics such issues are raised by concerned coalition partners and this is nothing new in politics. “Coalition partners should come forward to address such issues to instill confidence among the stakeholders,” the BJP legislator, who holds the Labour department, said.
On the other hand, the NPP has termed the BJP’s threat to pull out of the government as “paper tiger”.
“We have had enough of the BJP and their threat of withdrawing support. Do they really have the guts to do it,” NPP president Kharlukhi asked and further said, “If they (BJP) cannot work with the coalition then they should walk out.”

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