Monday, February 6, 2023

BJP will emerge as a dark horse in upcoming M’laya polls: Shullai


Meghalaya Labour Minister and senior BJP leader, Sanbor Shullai on Wednesday said BJP will emerge as a dark horse in the upcoming state assembly election in the state.
“BJP will perform beyond expectation, especially in the Garo hills districts of Meghalaya, with the joining of many MLAs and former MDCs,” Shullai said.
Two former legislators of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) Benedic Marak and Ferlin Sangma, former Trinamool Congress legislator Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang and sitting Independent legislator Samuel Sangma had recently joined BJP in Delhi.
“We will ensure that there will be a serious contest in most seats after which we will form government with like-minded parties and will take the state to a higher pedestal of good governance,” Shullai said.
Stating that electorates should give ‘one chance’ to the BJP as they have tried all other parties and seen the results for themselves, the Labour Minister said,“If people of the state could give other parties opportunities to govern, then why not BJP?”
He said people should not wait for too long to accept BJP as good opportunities are slipping away every single day if BJP is kept out of power.
“We should realize that the elected MLAs of BJP are all sons of the soil and represent the sentiments, hopes and aspirations of the people,” Shullai said. Moreover, he said majority of the BJP office bearers in Meghalaya are from the Christian faith.
“The state president Earnest Mawrie and MLA Alexander Laloo Hek are both Catholics. Hek has been constantly pursuing the allotment of land for construction of the KJP Synod building in New Delhi.
Even Mawrie has also been vocal in airing the concerns of the Catholic Church before the central leadership,” the BJP legislator said.
Shullai said this time election in Meghalaya should be on development agenda and not on divisive propaganda.
“People of Meghalaya have seen as to how false propaganda is propogated against the BJP by vested interests. Such falsities will again be brought up, but I am sure the wise electorate will disregard all the rumour mongers,” he said.

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