Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Book on Dzüleke released

A book titled “Dzüleke Phese Mu Kelhoudze” chronicling the foundation of Dzüleke village was formally released by 90-year-old Vinyühu Meyase and 87-year-old Jieviu Sophi during a gathering of village elders and personalities on Saturday.
The book was an initiative of the Dzüleke Village Council, written by Letso Meyase, Bunyü Sophi, Meto Khate, Megotsolie Chase and Rokovotso Meyase and published by PenThrill Publication House. Speaking on behalf of the authors, Rokovotso Meyase said the book was conceptualized in 2010, however, the project took off only in 2021.
He disclosed that it took 532 days to complete the book which involved meeting a lot of people from Dzüleke, Khonoma, Kohima, Dimapur, Punglwa, Choumukedima, and interviewing about 18-20 people.
He cited that other sources include primary and secondary sources, library and phone conversations, classroom lectures, unpublished documents etc. He highlighted that the book contained century-old stories spanning across 13 generations, which were acquired from the wisdom of the elderly and further asserted on preserving the history of “our” place. “If we don’t document them now, we won’t have records of our past and history”, he said.
Meyase also read out the publisher’s note by Vishü Rita Krocha, who expressed regret for her inability to be there for the launch of the 61st publication of PenThrill and the second book in Tenyidie.
Pointing to one of the global threats we were facing today, which was the disappearance of languages at an alarming rate, she commended the Dzüleke Village Council for taking up this wonderful initiative in documenting the history and origin of this beautiful place in Tenyidie. She further remarked that Dzüleke, as a place was known and loved by many people while expressing confidence that anyone who had been to this place would be interested to learn more about it.
She pointed out that translation sometimes could not fully capture the nuances conveyed in a different language, however, perhaps, having this book translated into English would enable a lot more people to learn about the rich history of Dzüleke.
Also stating appreciation for the authors for their painstaking research in making the book – Dzüleke Phese mu Kelhoudze, a reality, she hoped that Dzüleke would continue to be a place that brings joy and happiness to all those who come visiting.
Earlier the programme was chaired by Dzüleke village council chairman, Vitsiepielie Sophi.
Other highlights of the event included invocation by pastor Letso Meyase, welcome address by Asa Meyase, special numbers were presented by Kecakielie and Dzüleke Thenuko Krotho, greetings by Rüffüno Nagaland president-Neisavi Hieme, vote of thanks was proposed by Meto Khate and prayer by Abino Terhüja.

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