Saturday, June 10, 2023

Book titled ‘Ukenuopfü’ launched in Kohima


A book titled “Ukenuopfü”- an Angami folktale reimagined by T Keditsu was launched during a programme at Kohima College conference room on Tuesday.
After launching the book CEO, Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN), Alemtemshi Jamir, said times had changed and women were now taking the forefront in many fields.
Narrating his encounter and how he made acquaintance with the writer Theyiesinuo Keditsu, Jamir said she was a person of different calibre intellectually.
He said the writer coming to teach at Kohima College was a blessing for the people as she had earlier taught at one of the reputed colleges in New Delhi.
Sharing his observation about the book, Jamir said the book, although written for children, displayed the writer’s boldness, innovation and creativity as she tackled with one of the most challenging topics such as “Ukenuopfü” which is a word to describe God.
Apart from the book being a folktale, it also has poetry, prose and rhymes all in one, he said.
He observed that with the world now going through very strange times in every aspect and especially in the religious front, the book would serve as an important one to help teach “our” kids to grow up in a God-fearing lifestyle and understanding.
Earlier, sharing about children’s literature, proprietor of The Book Home, Yormiyan said it was harder to write for children than adults as it has its own set of challenges as writers had to find the right words and concept to make the children understand it.
She observed that during a time when the society was going through a paradigm shift in culture and lifestyle, it was important for children to inherit the good things that were offered through the book instead of the helplessness and hopelessness the world had to offer.
During the publisher’s note, Penthrill Publication House founder, Rita Krocha informed that Ukenuopfü was the 60th book published by the House and coincidentally Alemtemshi launched the publication house on November 27, 2013.
She said this book had reignited her passion for the book and had led her to have a whole new experience of wonder one could find through books.
She said reading children’s books helped people experience mental clarity as the language was usually simple and easily palatable.
The author, T Keditsu, in her remarks invited the readers to read the book and interpret it according to their understanding and not be limited by her interpretation of the folktale.
She said the book was important for the people because it points to the common origin “we” share.
She said it was reimagined from a folktale which had transformed her life and a tale she held dear to herself.


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