Wednesday, November 29, 2023

BTS’ Suga and Halsey drop darkmusic video for ‘Lilith’ rework

Halsey and BTS’ Suga have dropped a reworked version of the former’s 2021 song ‘Lilith’. Originally released as part of Halsey’s fourth album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’, the new version of ‘Lilith’ is being shared to celebrate the long-awaited launch of Diablo 4.
‘Lilith’ by Halsey and Suga dropped alongside a dark music video, set in the world of the Diablo series. It follows Halsey as faces a fark force in an eerie-looking chapel, before she turns into the titular Lilith at the end.
Meanwhile, Suga shows up to perform his newly added verse in a dark, shadowy room: “Step out of the moment that’s been trappin’ you in / All this negativity of hatred and insanity / Don’t dwell on the past / It’s time to make a change.”
Last December, Halsey took to The Game Awards 2022 to perform ‘Lilith’ and reveal the June 6 release date for Diablo 4.
“As soon as Diablo 4 was announced, I knew I wanted to be a part of the lead-up and launch. Lilith is such an influence on my own art and has informed so many characteristics of my alter-ego,” they explained. “My family has spent many hours together in Sanctuary over the years, so I am here as a fan and as a collaborator.”
“It’s so exciting to collaborate with a talented artist who has loved Diablo for years, and we can’t wait to continue working with Halsey to support the launch of Diablo 4,” said Rod Fergusson, general manager of Diablo at Blizzard Entertainment.
“Together, Halsey and the Diablo team will bring the relentless battle between angels and demons to the world as they invite everyone to join us in the most brutal vision of Sanctuary to date.”
Speaking to NME, associate game director Joe Piepiora said that Diablo 4 will be darker and “more dangerous” than any other game in the long-running franchise.
Earlier this year, Halsey joined Suga onstage to perform ‘Suga’s Interlude’, from Halsey’s third studio album ‘Manic’, for the first time. The pair had previously collaborated on BTS hit ‘Boy Wiv Luv’.
Following the performance, Halsey took to Instagram to reflect on their friendship and why they call him “twin”.
“We have the same smile, we have a lot of shared interests, sometimes we even have the same haircut. But I mostly say it because we seem strangely (and sometimes wordlessly) connected on a creative wavelength,” they wrote.
“He is a true artist, which I’ve always known. But seeing the energy, versatility, creativity and courageous darkness of the show blew me away,” they continued. Suga then responded to the post, writing: “Twin??? I’m a year older than you.”



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