Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bye bye trees! But What Next?

It’s a tragedy what happened on Supermarket recently and I can’t imagine the pain the families have gone through losing their loved ones. I feel terribly sorry for their loss. I grew up in the supermarket vicinity and have seen things drastically change over the years: buildings erected, shops emerge and all the little changes that happened here.
The strip of eucalyptus was the only constant in that busy space. It gave the area a character and filled the air with sweet minty fragrance during its flowering season. I never knew how integral to the identity of Supermarket that strip of trees were until it was ordered to cut them all down.
I understand the importance of public safety, and it should be the key of governance. But what I am appalled at is the blasé attitude of the administrators at the arrival of the decision.
The poor state of the tree that fell have been common knowledge for a while to those who live nearby. Even before the current tragedy struck, a falling tree previously hit a car; luckily no one was injured that time.
If the administrators had come then and inspected, they would have found out the real issue. The base of the tree which fell is a hive for the rodents who feed on the waste left by the vegetable vendors.
The rodents also feed on the roots of the tree infesting it. If even a small of amount of work and inspection had been done, this whole situation could have been avoided.
Even now instead of identifying the root cause of the problem the easy path is been taken. Chopping off the leg in order to lose weight is an idea but certainly not a good one. Governance is key but it is high time the public is served with good governance. Now that they have already proceeded with the mammoth task of chopping down the trees my only question is “What next? Who will take care of sanitation situation? Will any measure be taken to handle the rodents who are possibly host to a plethora of diseases?” All I can really hope for is that a part of the identity of Supermarket that is being taken away is replaced by something much safer and perhaps more aesthically pleasing.
Easther Sema

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