Friday, June 2, 2023

CANSSEA not to contribute fund

 Confederation of All Nagaland Secretariat Service Employees’ Association (CANSSEA) Thursday, literally put a damper on the decision of the bureaucracy for compulsory contribution from government employees towards celebration of the 50th anniversary of Nagaland statehood coinciding with the Hornbill Festival during the first week of December 2013.

According to a joint statement issued by CANSSEA president Dr. K. David Sema and general secretary Vekho Vero the decision was arrived at a meeting of Administrative Heads of Departments and Heads of Departments with the chief secretary.

The signatories said earlier, CANSSEA had accepted the compulsory contribution of one day salary of all government employees earlier, towards relief fund donated by the state for victims of Uttarakhand disaster, while also paying condolences to those who died in the recent Uttarakhand disaster and those who lost their houses and belongings. In this regard.

However, the signatories expressed concern this time, over the decision for ‘Rating Contribution’ from government employees of three days’ salary of Gazette Officers and one day’s salary of non-Gazette employees as contribution.

They instead pointed out, that the state government remained silent over the issue of release of two (2) Dearness Allowance arrears to government employees at par with central government employees from January to July this year.

CANSSEA also said it was constrained not to accept the compulsory contribution since it was engaged in hectic preparations for its Silver Jubilee to be held during the month of November this year. The signatories said that over and above the Silver Jubilee celebration, CANSSEA was also “constantly’ confronted “with various taxations and issues”.

It may be pointed out that there are 1,10,000 lakh government employees under various departments in Nagaland as per the latest figure which is around 5.8% of the population of the state.
Sources opined that a day’s salary from both Gazette and no-Gazette employees would be almost rupees one crore.

CANSSEA at its September 5 meeting after thorough deliberation, supported the memorandum submitted to the state chief secretary by the Nagaland Senior Government Employees Welfare Forum for a grant of death-cum-Retirement Gratuity at the new rate of Rs.10 lakh maximum and Earned Leave Encashment and other benefits under the new RoP Rules 2010.


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