Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Capi Daily celebrates 25th anniversary


Tenyidie vernacular newspaper Capi Daily celebrated its 25th anniversary at Ura Academy, here on Wednesday.
The main speaker of the event Ura Academy president, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu, congratulated the editor and publisher, Mhalezolie Kire for having reached a milestone.
Liezietsu thanked God for granting him with good health which enabled him to bring out the vernacular daily all these years.
He said Tenyimia people should be thankful to Mhalezolie for shouldering the responsibility in producing the local daily for the benefit of the people.
He said Tenyimia was considered to be the elder therefore they should be open minded and work for the collective good of all.
“We have to see where we need to be united, guide and exhort each other and be accommodating at the same time have a sense of understanding and forgiveness being the elder one,” he said.
He said of all the blessings Tenyimia language was the most prominent one which was also highly regarded even by the Westerners when they came to this part of the world.
He pointed out that the Tenyidie had made tremendous progress and accordingly this was the 25th year of the language becoming a Subject in Nagaland University.
Liezietsu said there were more than 300 students who had completed MA in Tenyidie out of which 7 of them had earned Ph.D and hoped that there would be more similar achievements every year.
In the quest for knowledge these students and scholars have compiled a good deal of our history which has become our treasure, he added. He said Capi in recent year had progressed, even the print had become clear and also publishes all the latest happenings.
“Bringing out the paper may not be the most lucrative venture however it is a vital for posterity.
And even though we have overlooked the importance of this until now let us start to think collectively for the growth of the paper,” he said.
Earlier sharing about the journey of the paper, Mhalezolie Kire said he joined Capi as a news assistant while he was pursuing his MA in Tenyidie when the founder late Vikesel Nyekha was the editor.
He said initially the paper was published weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly and gradually became a daily.
He pointed out that he and the assistant editor, Medo-u Dzeyie, used to work for even upto 12-14 hours at times to bring out the paper.
“I feel I have spent the best of my youth working in this paper,” Kire said.
Sharing some of the problems, he said switching from the old form of printing in cradles to offset and making it computerised was one of the challenges and also the Covid-19 pandemic.
The programme was chaired by organising committee convenor, Ruokuolhoulie Kire while CRC Kohima Village, pastor, VichülieKelio pronounced the invocation.
Kohima Press Club president, Alice Yhoshü extended greetings.
A folksong was presented by Southern Angami Cultural Society.
Special numbers were presented by Keneisedenuo and friends, CRC Kohima Village youths and MethaneilieJütakhrie.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Those Kraho.

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