Tuesday, June 6, 2023

CASA golden jubilee underway at Chozuba town

The week-long event to mark the golden jubilee celebration of Chozuba Area Sports Association (CASA) was flagged off at Chozuba town under Phek district on February 2, 2023 with Chotisuh Sazo, MLA, as special guest and Chozuba Range Public Organization (CPRO) president Rudutso Vasa as guest of honour.
At the opening programme, former executive secretary of CBCC Rev. Khrutsoyi Luruo dedicated the monolith stone and Adule Sazo, wife of Chotisuh Sazo unveiled the monolith stone. CASA president Vekruto Nyekha delivered the presidential address and acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices made by the pioneers of the association. .
Delivering his speech, Cekrongoyi Keyho, former state liaison officer, YRS Govt of Nagaland. The celebration was chaired by CASA golden jubilee organizing committee chairman Vekhozo Ringa and souvenir committee convener Vezholhu Khusoh made obituary reference. CASA’s former president Vamü Lohe released the souvenir and special appearance by Phisa Nienu and Phizolu Nienu. Act of blessing for the jubilee was done by CABCC chairman Vekusa Lohe while Rev. Vesavo Shijoh and Rev. Pukrolhu Lohe blessed the event with prayers. The Jubilee Celebration also welcomed the introduction of new trophies under CASA including Lt. Veduo Khusoh Football Championship Memorial Trophy, sponsored by Nopalü Khusoh & Family. A running cash prize of Rs.1 lakh for the Group Champion sponsored by Sano Vamuzo & Keduchule Demo in memory of Lt Vamuzo Phesao and Lt. P. Demo. Also, AND-1 Club, Chozuba Town sponsoring Bàsketball Trophy and Men Volleyball Championship Trophy with a Cash prize of Rs.10,000, sponsored by Vemutha Medeo & family.
Altogether, eight villages and towns would be vying for the Championship during the 2023 50th CASA Golden Jubilee meet.


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