Sunday, January 29, 2023

CAST, TVC slam tirades on Dr. Jamir

Chümoukedima Ao Senso Telongjem and Tir Village Council have come out against the tirade by NSCN(I-M) directed against Dr.S.C. Jamir in the media.
CAST president N Panjung Jamir and general secretary Bendangakum Imsong vehemently condemned the “malicious and defamatory attack” on Dr. Jamir by NSCN (I-M) at a time when the entire Naga populace, at the critical juncture of Naga political scenario, were hopeful for a just and lasting solution. CAST said the attempt of NSCN (I-M) to “suppress the voice and opinion of an upright and highly respected Naga leader like Jamir” was extremely condemnable.
It pointed out that the Naga cause belong to all Nagas and as such every Naga had the right to voice his/her opinion. Instead of suppressing voices/opinions that are contradictory to their own, CAST said NSCN (I-M) leadership would do well to take the opinions of all and work towards a solution that was acceptable to all Nagas.
CAST further reiterated the call of Ao Senden, in its May 22 statement, to stop the “blame game” and to make public the competencies of the Framework Agreement without further delay.
CAST also expressed gratitude to all individuals and civil societies who had openly come out in support of Dr. Jamir. “A leader is made bold and strong because of the support he receives from the people he leads. Your unequivocal support to one of our ownmember will never be forgotten,” CAST stated.
TVC: Tir Village Council (TVC), Chümoukedima said it was perplexed by the consistent attack on former CM and governor, Dr. SC Jamir on the prevailing Naga political issue.
TVC chairman L. Temjenmeren Jamir and secretary T Senli Jamir said the Nagas were well aware that Jamir had only relayed nothing more that the statements and views expressed by Prime Minister and Home minister concerning Naga solution. TVC was of the firm belief that “no perjury was committed by the veteran Naga political leader whatsoever.” TVC further resolved to support the press statements issued by various Naga organizations for the common well-being of the Nagas.

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