Sunday, January 29, 2023

CBCC organises ‘7th children’s rally’


A three-day “7th Children’s Rally” organised by Children and Education Department of Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) and hosted by Chozuba Village Baptist Church under the theme, “I belong to Jesus” culminated at Chozuba, Sunday.
Children’s rally president, Duta Ringa, said around 3000 people including over 2400 registered delegates from 81 churches under CBCC attended the event.
Earlier known as Children Association, Ringa said the rally was a mega event held every five years for children with the primary goal to promote and sensitise the importance of establishing Sunday School in local churches.
He added that the rally had a far-reaching impact positively in the life of many children preparing them to grow in faith and love in the fear of the Lord and that thousands of testimonies come out after every Rally.
Speaking on the topic, “Abide in Christ”, Resource Centre Holistic Ministry administrator, Dr. Adela Mero, said that a person could abide in Christ by knowing Him personally and urged the children to stay connected to Jesus.
She pointed out that as Christian, if one does as they please, they would not grow in the Lord and such people were rampant in the Naga society today.
“Many Christians says that they know Jesus but most of them don’t have the Spirit in them. We have to accept Jesus as our Lord and personal saviour and if you accept the Holy Spirit will live in you”, she said.
Dr. Mero challenged the children to abide in Christ so that they could bear much fruit.
Other resource persons for the event were Grace Girls Hostel, Diphupar B Chumoukedima, chaplain, Chinehulu Rhakho and Children & Education Department, CBCC, director, Vesakho Thisa.
During the rally, children participated in various competitions including theme song, folk dance, pencil sketching, solo, duet, narration of Bible story, double quartet, guitar ensemble and worship dance.
In his greetings, CBCC executive secretary, Rev. Khrotso Mero said the world was full of social unrest and uncertainties and called upon the children to fix their eyes on Jesus.
He added that children were blessed beyond measures with different abilities and talents and urged them to use their gifts for God.
CBCC youth secretary and member of Chakhesang Clean Election Movement, Muluvoyi Neinu, urged children not to exercise their vote if they were below 18 years of age. He said that proxy voting was wrong and asked them not to sell their votes.

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