Sunday, November 27, 2022

CCC Dimapur warns ‘dubious’ organisations

Council of Churches Colony (CCC) Dimapur has informed that it has resolved not to allow any persons or groups to operate “dubious associations or unions” within its jurisdiction.
In a press release, CCC Dimapur chairperson, Kuholy Chishi informed that the council in its executive meeting has resolved not to allow any persons or groups to operate “dubious associations or unions with some attractive and catchy names of the area, road etc and collect money in the name of welfare, membership, office maintenance etc. within its jurisdiction”.
The council has also denounced collection/donation by the “so called self-styled Khermahal Area Business Welfare Associations and I. Vikheshe Sumi Road Business Welfare Association” within its jurisdiction.
Despite knowing the fact that Nagaland’s business community, especially related to Dimapur was already over pressured with multiple taxation from all nooks and corners, the council said the “explosive growth of bogus unions underneath the guise of serving the interest and welfare of the commercial enterprise community whose modus operandi is collection of money have added another torment on them”.
The council has warned those unions and associations to right away stop such “illegal collection of taxes” within its jurisdiction adding that such unauthorised collections by various unions and organizations has done nothing good so far but lead to uncontrolled inflation in all prices.
The council has also cautioned all those unions and associations that every colony has a council office, GB office and youth body to look into its own affairs be it welfare activities of its members or solving any dispute or problems and at such there was no need for such so called unions/organizations to interfere in the internal affairs of the respective colonies.

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