Wednesday, November 29, 2023

CDI, FDWA organise postal card campaign


Centre for Development Initiatives (CDI) and Ferrando Domestic Workers Alliance (FDWA) Kohima city organised a Postal Card campaign for domestic workers at Post Office HQ, here on Saturday.
The campaign was conducted to create avenue for individuals, communities and government to show appreciation and provide moral support to domestic workers.

In a short speech, superintendent of Post Office Nagaland, L Tiken Singh, said people in olden times were only engaged in agriculture but with major social transition affecting million peoples in their daily lives and livelihoods, people had migrated to towns and cities for better settlements.

He said domestic workers were also professional workers and that their service was managing household chores and maintaining cleanliness since individuals and family of their employers focus on their personal and professional commitments, reducing overall stress and enhancing productivity.

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Singh pointed out that domestic workers were facing lots of challenges such as lack of legal protection, harassment, no fair treatment, no support and numerous challenges in their daily lives.
He added that the domestic workers often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

In a short speech, postmaster, Kohima Hq, L. Simte said the demand should be reach to the concern authorities that must be recognised and provide the needful to the domestic workers.
He encouraged domestic workers that by participating in the campaign, they had the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the society.

Singh also appreciated their hard work and commitment they have contributed.
A domestic workers representative, Kevilenuo Veswu, proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the domestic workers saying that this campaign will uplift their spirit and show them that their work is valued and appreciated.
The campaign was mainly to highlight the domestic workers challenges and urged relevant authorities to take action.

It also conveyed the urgency to address the challenges face by domestic workers leading to increasing attention and consideration and It is also essential to ensure that the concerns raised are addressed promptly and policy reforms are implemented to safeguard the rights and dignity of domestic workers.



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