Sunday, March 26, 2023

CEO Nagaland informs on pre-certification of political party songs

The office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Nagaland, has informed the president of all recognized political party and registered unrecognised political party regarding uploading of political party songs in YouTube/Social Media without pre-certification.
The release stated that some political parties were uploading advertisement in the electronic media without obtaining prior certification which is against the Supreme Court order and standing instructions of Election Commission. In this regard, the office of the CEO Nagaland informed that any kind of advertisement in electronic media requires pre-certification from the committee before publication. Chairman Pre-certification Committee & Additional Chief Electoral Officer, Ruokuovituo Khezhie has requested those political parties who have uploaded their advertisement e.g. theme songs, campaigns songs etc., without pre-certification to immediately remove the contents from the platform and submit to the committee for certification. (CEO Office, Nagaland)

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