Friday, December 2, 2022

Child Rights highlighted at Children’s Day celebration

The rights of children for every child encompassing freedom of children and their civil rights, family environment, necessary healthcare and welfare, education, leisure and cultural activities and special protection measures were highlighted at the Children’s Day celebration Saturday at Assisi Auditorium, Dimapur.
A press release by Assisi Center for Integrated Development (ACID) informed that the programme was organised by National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) in collaboration with ACID under the theme, “My family: My heart”.
During the programme, Sr. Pramila said a happy home was where a healthy child grows and added that school was another home where a child develops all round growth for sustainability.
Expressing concern over the rise of child abuse, she said children are brought from rural villages in pretext of education but are abused and mistreated.
Sr. Pramila underscored the need to protect the children from such abuse and to ensure that child rights are protected.
Speaking on the importance of good behaviour and good manners, Sr. Salomi told the children that their duty was not only to study but to develop wholly for holistic growth.
NDWM –Child Participation Group members enthralled the gathering with cultural items like, dance, skit and role play creating the awareness on the importance of education, ill effects of child labour. The programme was attended by 205 children.

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