Saturday, December 9, 2023

Chingwang Konyak inaugurates new NDPP office in 3 Dimapur III

The National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) recently unveiled its new office for the 3 Dimapur III A/C in Naharbari, in close proximity to Raj Phukuri. The event was graced by the party’s president, NDPP president, Chingwang Konyak, who inaugurated the facility, on Saturday.

During the inauguration, Konyak expressed his enthusiasm over the groundbreaking 33% reservation for women within the party. This move is seen as a major stride towards fostering more active participation of women in political and administrative spheres.

NDPP’s Secretary-General, Abu Metha, accentuated the historical value of the day, praising the appointment of Hekani Jakhalu from 3 Dimapur III to the Industries and Commerce department by the Chief Minister.

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Recognizing the region as Nagaland’s economic hub, Metha underscored the vital role of women in steering political integrity, peace, and unity. Calling for collective unity across diverse affiliations, he noted the constituency’s potential in elevating Nagaland’s growth, aiming to make it a benchmark for others. Elected candidate Hekani Jakhalu articulated her dedication to the people and party, highlighting that establishing the party office was her foremost task post-election, signifying the necessity of a robust organizational foundation.


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