Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Chozubami village bodies condemn murder

Chozubami village organisations including Chozubami village council (CVC), Chozubami women society (CWS) and Chozubami youth association (CYA) have strongly condemned the alleged murder of Khrutalu by her husband Thejakolie Angami on December 24, 2022 night.
In a press release, CVC chairman Dusapra Neikha and Chozuba village head GB Zasevoyi Ringa said that the council vehemently condemned the “brutal and inhumane act” of Thejakolie Angami, constable, MT DEF Kohima. The council has appealed to all the sensible and right-thinking citizens to condemn such barbaric act.
Chozubami village council also urged the responsible authorities to award befitting punishment to the accused in accordance with the law of the land.
CWS, CYA: Condemning the “heinous murder”, the Chozubami Women Society (CWS) and Chozubami Youth Association (CYA) said that the incident took place at around 8pm when an argument arose between the couple.
In a joint statement, CWS president Müdoyilü Nienü and CYA president Thüpusayi Shijoh said that in the skirmishes that ensued, the “animalistic husband” began to hit his wife with an iron bar inflicting deadly blows to most vital parts of the body.
On hearing the commotion, the two organizations said that the neighbours rushed to rescue his wife. However, they said the biological sister of prevented rescuers from “saving the precious life.”
The signatories claimed that the husband resumed the wife and pierced the limbs of the victim with iron bar and bamboo skewer. “The victim finally succumbed to her injuries after excessive bleeding at around 11pm before admitting to the hospital,” they said.
They claimed that the accused and his sister “hatched a conspiracy” to kill his wife in cold blood.
CWS and CYA have demanded that befitting punishment be served to the accused as per the law of the land.
Meanwhile, the Chozubami village bodies have conveyed condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed that the Almighty God grant the departed soul eternal rest.

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