Sunday, June 4, 2023

Chümoukedima CSOs reaffirm‘one govt, one tax’ resolution

Chümoukedima Town Angami Mechü Krotho (CTAMK) has re-solved to reaffirm the Angami Public Organisation (APO) resolution and the Chümoukedima public resolution undertaken at weekly market Chümoukedima town on February 14, 2017 for “One government, One tax.”
According to CTAMK president Zeneilie Angami and general secretary T Kedoru Kuotsu this decision was made at the joint meeting of the apex body of all CSOs under Chümoukedima town, on July 9 which was attended by representatives of GB Union Chümoukedima Town, Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town, Chümoukedima Town Women Organisation, Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation, Chümoukedima Town Students Union and Chümoukedima Chamber of Commerce and Trade Association.
CTAMK stated that all attendees at the meeting, unanimously resolved that no taxation will be paid to any entity unless the Naga political groups (NPGs) came together to work collectively for one cause.
According to CTAMK, the house adopted the resolution following reports of numerous taxa-tions being forcefully imposed on the business community under Chümoukedima jurisdiction.
The meeting also resolved to urge the business community to contact “anti-extortion team help-line” at 8787893133 for any assistance. Further, the house cautioned that any business person willingly complying with the demands of illegal taxation will be expelled from Chümoukedima jurisdiction and also banned from conducting any business activity in future.
The house also entrusted Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation (CTYO) to remain vigilant for movement of any group collecting tax around the jurisdiction of Chümoukedima town and to stop such illegal activity.
Chümoukedima Town Women Organisation and Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation have been asked to jointly conduct checks for bootleggers and drug abusers/peddlers around the vicinity of town and take strict action against anyone found involved in carrying out illegal ac-tivities.


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