Friday, June 2, 2023

Chümoukedima District Football Referee Association inducts new team; to hold recruitment drive

Chümoukedima District Football Referee Association (CDFRA) has inducted it first official team after its first meeting at CYO hall Medziphema on June 11.
The newly formed CDFRA will be led by Thepfukedo Kuotsu as president and Kelengulie Kapo as general secretary under the supervision of Neichülie Nagi, the referee director Chümoukedima District Football Association (CDFA).The other executives included Thangbem Thomsong as vice president, Seyievilie Chalieu as assistant general secretary and five others including an advisor.
Meanwhile, the association informed that it will be organizing a recruitment drive from July 14 to 16 at Chümoukedima Local Ground. Therefore, interested candidates have been invited for the recruitment drive. Further details can be contacted at 8837249991.


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