Monday, January 30, 2023

Chümoukedima organizationscaution anti-social elements

Chümoukedima based organizations have warned of customary and legal actions against those elements engaged in running illicit liquor business and illegal psychotropic drugs under Chümoukedima jurisdiction.
In a press release, Chümoukedima Village Council, Chümoukedima ‘A’ Village & Chümoukedima Town Angami Mechü Krotho stated that despite of warnings the illegal business continued which created unsafe environment and was a matter of grave concern. Therefore, the organizations have collectively resolved to enforce the following for strict compliance under their respective jurisdiction:
It cautioned all Individuals/ parties involved in such illegal business to cease their activities/ vacate their business establishments before October 1. The organisations warned that after the expiry of the dateline strict action will be initiated against the dafaulters.
The youth and women bodies in collaboration with administration and police will conduct checking to curb the illegal activities.
During the raid, the organisations warned that any residents/tenants caught selling illegal liquors and banned drugs will be expelled from the jurisdiction and legal action will be initiated against them.
Further, it warned that trade permits will be cancelled in the event of any any licensed shops/ business establishments found selling illegal liquor or banned drugs and will be expelled from the respective jurisdiction and five days period will be given them to vacate the establishment.

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